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Popular Classes

Section Classes

Not so long ago art education in schools was considered a luxury, and art classes were cut from the curriculum to make room for more time to prepare for standardized tests. Currently, more and more information is available that shows how important art integration is to create well-prepared, well-prepared learners and leaders.

At Mahapragya School, the arts (fine arts, drama, music, movement) have always been an integrated part of our curriculum. We incorporate art into our core classroom curriculum as well as teach specific artistic skills and abilities. Our art teachers can help students become more well-rounded and capable individuals by teaching them to develop original ideas through creative projects and practices.

Computer Classes

Computers have become so ubiquitous in education today that they are being used for everything – from basic computing tasks such as writing a word file to high-end weather forecasting and everything in between. At Mahapragya, we believe in computers at school as one of the easiest ways to gain knowledge apart from books. So we conduct computer classes regularly to enhance the knowledge and skills of our students.

One of the benefits of using computers in education and learning is that it prepares students for the future. Whatever students want to do in the future- business or job, computers are essential everywhere, and learning computers at a very young age gives them the confidence to be ready to take on any challenging role that life may show them. As one of the best CISCE schools in Punjab, we take it upon ourselves that technology is improving at an alarming pace.

Science Classes

Science allows students to explore their world and discover new things. It is also an active subject, which includes activities such as experimental laboratories and experiments. This makes science-friendly to active young children. Science is an important part of the foundation of all children’s education.

When students engage in scientific discovery, they are actually learning creativity, collaboration and problem-solving, and how to ask questions, make observations, analyze data, and communicate their findings. These are real-world life and workplace skills that are essential no matter which path is followed.

Dance Classes

Dance classes are a wonderful physical and artistic activity that leads to higher levels of energy, coordination, flexibility and muscle strength. Dance involves a higher level of speed, coordination, strength and stamina than most other physical sporting activities. Dance classes not only teach kinetic memory but use the entire body and are, therefore, an excellent form of exercise for building artistic and creative skills as well as for overall physical fitness.

At Mahapragya, we give children the time and space to express and explore their imagination, express ideas through movements, and use their own choreographic ideas and creativity. Most children enjoy the opportunity to express their feelings and by doing so they become aware of themselves and others through movement. Every pre-schooler enters the dance studio with a wide range of emotional experiences, and a well thought out elementary dance class provide a structured and well thought out outlet for physical and emotional release.

Music Classes

Music is an extremely important subject in schools because it leads to better brain development, enhances human relationships, improves grades, helps with socializing and even reduces stress levels. It is believed that when babies are exposed to music, especially when they are young or even before they are born, it has a profound effect on their cerebral cortex region. It creates neuron pathways in the brain that allows them to understand the world and language faster and easier. We give as much importance to music as we give to academics. This is because we believe that music has the power to transform our students into good human beings and change the world.

At Mahapragya, music is an art form through which the act of expressing emotions, intellect and imagination enhance. Music has been proven to enhance the creativity of the students and inculcate essential values. Our students are trained in both classical and western skills. Our team consists of expert musicians who give individual attention to all the students. These skills have helped her to participate in various inter-school and inter-house cultural events and win many awards.

Moral Values Classes

Moral education means an ethical education which helps in choosing the right path in life. It includes some basic principles such as truthfulness, honesty, charity, hospitality, tolerance, love, kindness and empathy. Moral education makes a person perfect.

Students today are very much in studies and sports but somewhere moral education becomes essential as it gives them a proper shape and direction as to how to act or how to react in various difficult situations. Moral values must be expressed in all age groups, especially young children as it is said that the young mind is blank like a plain white sheet so whatever impression we leave remains for years. When it comes to developing a moral foundation for a teacher in her students, it takes a lot of time because it is the teachers who shape our thoughts and mind to a great extent.

In this competitive and technology-advanced world, it has become imperative to develop students as aware, alert and responsible individuals who can use technology for the benefit of mankind. There is a need to create well-balanced individuals who can make good decisions and are respected by all. This is possible only by teaching moral values to the students. At Mahapragya, we consider it our responsibility to promote the future of the world. That’s why we encourage character development and moral values. In our school, we have integrated moral values for the students.

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