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Full Day Program

Kindergarten/Preschool program at Mahapragya School is designed for children in the age group of 2.5 to 5.5 years. We aim to provide our students with the opportunity to develop self-awareness, and teamwork skills, and grow to be lifelong learners and caring citizens.

The environment of Mahapragya School is joyful, purposeful and engaging to help every child become a successful learner.


Holistic education is the call of the day and NCC is one such discipline that helps in fostering the same. With a view to inculcate confidence, instill comradeship and train the students to become worthy citizens and future leaders, the school introduced NCC (National Cadet Corps) training as a part of the curriculum. Regular training is given to NCC cadets. The objective of the training is to prepare the students to serve the nation and become responsible and disciplined citizens of the country. Maintaining zeal and enthusiasm, NCC cadets of the school attend various camps.

These training camps include self-defence classes, map reading, trekking, blood donation camps, mountaineering etc.

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At Mahapragya, we strongly believe in conceptual learning methodology. And to aid this method of structuring learning, we have the best library to encourage children to go beyond books and live in the practical implementation of concepts. Our libraries have a wide variety of books and journals. They act as a repository of information relating to textbooks and beyond. The primary objective is to develop the habit of reading in the students.

Libraries have a variety of fiction and non-fiction books, picture books, classics, self-help books, bilingual books, science and technology books, and reference resources for students and teachers.

KG Wings

The KG wings of Mahapragya School have been innovatively designed to provide a home-like atmosphere for imparting education. At Mahapragya, primary education aims at providing learners with an education system that enables them to enhance their personal development and acquire skills and knowledge. It allows students to nurture their deep learning skills such as empathy, creative and critical thinking, self-awareness, problem-solving, decision-making, coping with emotions, communication and interpersonal skills.

water facility
Numerous RO Water Plants

Students spend a significant part of their day at school, so access to safe drinking water becomes very important for them for cognition, dental and physical health. Drinking water contributes to good health and schools are in a unique position to promote healthy, dietary behaviours, including drinking water. More than 95% of children and adolescents are enrolled in schools, and students typically spend at least 7 hours in school each day.

To ensure that safe drinking water is available to the students, the school has installed an RO water plant.

Safety and Security

The safety of our students is very important to us. We strive to make every student feel safe on campus, and parents feel secure about their child’s whereabouts. This is why in addition to the traditional security guards, we have installed numerous CCTV cameras inside the school campus to provide an extra layer of security.

We also carefully check the background of each member of staff and staff who come into direct or indirect contact with students.

Expert Teachers

Teachers play a vital role in the development and learning process of the child. Our teachers are interpreters of your child’s needs and are responsible for stimulating a sense of curiosity in them. Simply put, the role of a teacher at Mahapargya School is to love, inspire and encourage children to believe in themselves and their dreams.

Every teacher has their own methodology and we do not want them to be confined to a particular method of teaching.